Aquazone Desktop Garden

Aquazone Desktop Garden

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.

You can download these alternatives:

Put a 3D virtual aquarium on your computer


  • Realistic, detailed environment and fish
  • Many backgrounds and fish to choose from
  • You can freely move around the aquarium


  • Not much interaction with fish

Very good

Aquazone Desktop Garden is the perfect alternative for those of you who love fish but don’t have the time – or the money – to have a real aquarium.

This 3D virtual aquarium lets you enjoy a highly realistic fish tank on your computer. Aquazone Desktop Garden includes eight varied aquarium backgrounds and a dozen different fish species, including also some types of jellyfish.

You can freely move around Aquazone Desktop Garden with the cursor keys. Right clicking on the aquarium brings up a menu from which you have access to the program’s configuration options, the fish food and also a button to view the aquarium in full screen.

Aquazone Desktop Garden is a nice virtual aquarium with a highly detailed three-dimensional environment and realistic fish. On the downside, the lack of interaction with fish – except feeding them – makes it boring after a while.

If you can’t afford a real aquarium, try a virtual one with Aquazone Desktop Garden – easier to manage and much cheaper!

User reviews about Aquazone Desktop Garden

  • by Anonymous

    I love Aquazone Desktop Garden.
    I really enjoy using this screensaver. I have always found aquariums to be relax...   More